Selasa, 10 Mei 2016


Hello again fellas!

I want to share our experience, Social Class!!
Yesterday, 10 May 2016 my classmate went to Kampung Naga and Cangkuang Temple, but i didn't come with them because i have to create an passport to imigration office, it's sad when i can't joint them to Kampung Naga, yeah but it's okay, i know they all having fun there. But i have already went there when i was 4th grade if i didn't wrong, i went to Cangkuang Temple with my force, 2012 force, there i can see some stupa in the Temple the size is not big enough, But there is a myth there developed in local communities there, it's said if we can touch the stupa, then we'll can ask for some demand. To get to the Temple me with my friend we have to use some raft to cross the river, it's fun and it's my new experience, and Cangkuang Temple was the first temple that i have visited in my life, before i visited the Borobudur Temple in 2014 and Prambanan Temple in 2015. There i bought some clothes that it was too smal for my size haha, it's fun on my first experience to bought some clothes by myself, but now that i have donated the clothes. I was heard from my friend, there is a lot of ladder rungs numbered 439, however it's tired to get the top of the village, but it's worth when we were on the top of the village, Cangkuang Temple and Kampung was located in Garut.

This is maybe not my experience with the Social Class, but i think my experience of this is not much different with them.

Thank You for your attention an thank you for reading my blog

See ya! on my next blog guys.

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