Kamis, 10 Desember 2015

A Place To Visit In Bandung

Hello Guys!!!

Well i think you guys know about Bandung right? the most beautifull city in my opinion, how can i said that? because in Bandung. you can find a lot of place and culinare that you can visit in Bandung and you can eat a really various food in Bandung, i want to share to you guys about a place that you can visit in Bandung.I visited this place in about a few month ago, This is one from a lot of place that you can visit guys in Bandung and this place name is Puncak Bintang or Bukit Moko. "Huh, why do it called by Puncak Bintang?" yeah its because on the top of the hill you'll find a giant star. yeah, a giant star, when its morning, and afternoon the star just seems like an ordinary star BUT when its going to dark in the evening, the star will shine in a different color, Puncak Bintang place's in Cimenyan atas, and the ticket to get in this wondefull place is about 8.000-10.000 Rupiah, And if you like to hunting spot for photo this is the best view to take a picture, and when night come,and if you wonder to see Bandung on the night you can actually see an amazing light from Bandung city, and this is the best spot to see that too!

And this is the picture about Puncak Bintang when i visited that place

Selasa, 01 September 2015

My New Friend

Well, hello again!

Now i want to introduce my new friend, his name is Edoardo Deonanda Yobelio, but he's also like to call by Edward, he's a boy i think hahhahaha, no i'm just kidding, he's a boy, he's now 15 years old, and this October, he will be 16 years old, He's born in Bandung,6 October 1999. His religion is Katholik

he's an humoris people, people know him as a humoris people, Edo, that's how i call him, he really fall in love to Bandung, but beside that, he got a leader soul, he is "ketua osis" in his Junior High School, he got a good feeling about Art!, just same as like me, he can join SMAN 3 Bandung because of traditional music too, he really good in playing angklung, we are a team mate, People love him because his attitude.

He's really intelligent, he also always get rank 1 in class, and yeah, he got 1 sibling and his name is Dion,Edo also good in playing music, but me is better from him hahahaha, and now we are in a same class for 3 years later.

I think that's all how i can tell to you guys about my friend

                                                              THANK YOU

Selasa, 25 Agustus 2015


I made a compliment dialogue with my friend,Rafif. You can visit his blog by clicking this

Compliment dialogue
Rafif       :”Hey, Oi. What’s shoes are you wearing? That’s a cool shoes!”
Oi            :”Hey, thank you! I’m wearing a Converse.”
Rafif       :”Wow! That’s wonderful! Where did you buy it?”
Oi            :”I bought it in Bangladesh.”
Rafif       :”What? Bangladesh? That’s a beautiful country.”
Oi            :”Yeah,such a wonderful country.”
Rafif       :”Oi, I have to go now, see you!”
Oi            :”Okay, see you later, Rafif.”

Kamis, 20 Agustus 2015


Hello! my name is Oi Nurul Bagja, i'm 15 years old and this year my age will be 16, I live in Bandung, my birth date is 15 November 1999, I don't have any siblings in my family, it's just me, and my mom, my father was passed away when I was 1 years old I think, and I never look my father. Now i school at SMAN 3 Bandung. I give thanks to Allah because now I can school at SMAN 3 Bandung, it's a dream come true!!!
People says that i'm handsome,cool,tall,kind,friendly,easy going, that's how people describe my self:)), and i agree with that opinion hahaha
I have a lot of hobby in my life, i love to play basketball, gaming, traveling, hunting panorama picture, playing music, Modern or Traditional music?, i love both of them! Because traditional music, i can join to SMAN 3 Bandung
Now i'm at grade X Social Class SMAN 3 Bandung.
I really enjoyed here, i love my school, i love all about SMAN 3 Bandung..
Let's grow together in SMAN 3 Bandung
Together, we can reach our dream

                                -SMAN3 BANDUNG-